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Two Girls Rescued in Pune

Two minor girls Reshu* and Sana*, aged 16-17 years were rescued in Pune by Freedom Firm’s interventions team last Friday. After receiving information from an informer, the investigators engaged the girls.

Due to an increase in police raids over the past few months, the brothel keepers have been more suspicious of customers. As a result, our investigators were unable to get video footage of the girls.

The situation in the red-light area was tense and every customer was asked to remove their watches, cellphones and other gadgets before entering the room. Inspite of this hitch the team was able to gain police cooperation to launch a raid.

The raid resulted in the rescue of the two minor girls and the arrest of one brothel keeper. The girls are now in a safe shelter home as we await the results of their medical verification test.

*Names changed to protect identity


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