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Survivor Namrata Receives Good News!

When social worker Shelly visited Namrata (rescued from Pune in 2011) in December 2023, Namrata seemed worried and anxious. Over the years, her husband and his family abused and mistreated her, and although the police arrested her husband for domestic violence, he was released on bail. Namrata finally filed for divorce, but she has been concerned about providing for herself and her son. She asked Shelly to help her find a job.

Last Friday, Namrata interviewed with a café that exclusively trains and employs survivors. The café owner was impressed with Namrata and offered her a job! Namrata was given a stipend and travel allowance for her 3 month training period, and advised that if she learns quickly and performs well, her three month training period may be reduced to two months. She will then join the staff and receive a salary and benefits, which include retirement and health insurance provisions.

While Namrata was still processing this good news, the owner offered to assist her with accommodation, as well as with her son’s education! 

We are so proud of Namrata, and grateful for the café owner’s generosity in empowering her to pursue a brighter future. 


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