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Simple Acts of Kindness Change the World

Even the simplest acts can have great rewards.

Here is a beautiful story about how one person hosting jewelry at her church can have a big impact.

“Over the last few weeks, my husband has been teaching from “The Blessed Life” book by Robert Morris. We have been praying that the people in our church would understand the heart of God and live out the principle of giving Him first of our finances, time, gifts, and talents, etc. Letting God have “our money can be a hard change for the heart and mind of many. As you know we had the FF jewelry displayed for two Sundays.

This last Sunday a lady walked up and started to choose several sets of earrings and necklaces. I was so happy that she was willing to support FF by purchasing so many items. I added up the items, which came to around $209, and before I could say the total she handed me a check. I looked down and was blown away by the amount the check was written out for. I said, “You know the total is only 209 and you wrote your check for $3,000?!” She replied “I know. Last week I didn’t see that you had the jewelry out here. I heard God telling me that he wanted me to give the money I had been sitting on. I was going to write out a check and put it in the offering for Coast Life, but God told me ‘not yet’. Then today as I walked over here to look at the jewelry, God told me ‘NOW is the time to give!”

She began to cry as she explained that she was overwhelmed with the love of God- that He would take the time to speak directly to her. It was a confirmation of His closeness and she was more than happy to be obedient and help Freedom Firm. I, of course, cried along with her and was so thankful for all that Jesus was doing. I pray that her giving heart will reap thousands of souls for God’s glory and her good.”

Bless you and all those who are apart of Freedom Firm!


Thank you Michelle for supporting Freedom Firm we are blessed to have you on our team!


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