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Seven Girls Rescued!

Our Investigation team found a minor girl in Nagpur red-light area (Ganga Jamuna), but was not able to conduct a raid until 16th February since police were busy with the elections. On 15th February police called our liaison officer apologizing for not being available for the rescue and assured support for the next day if they found the target girl.

The team along with the police initiated the raid on 16th February rescued the targeted minor girl and also took into custody the brothel keeper. Being the same building we rescued girls in November, the police conducted a thorough search and found another minor girl, and also 5 more young women in a small, covered hole under the beds.

Our team was able to rescue two minor girls and five major girls that day. The team came back to the police station along with the rescued and filed an FIR against the accused. Our legal team will follow up with the police and court proceedings.


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