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Girls Hidden Behind a Poster in the Brothel

In April, Freedom Firm Investigators found two girls: Divya* and Priya*, whom they suspected as minors, in prostitution in Bhusawal. On Monday 24th April, the team met the Superintendent of Police and showed photos and video clips of the girls and the brothel keeper. The police agreed to initiate the raid on Tuesday 25th April.

At 6 pm as the team moved towards the red-light area, they spotted the brothel keeper, but the girls were not found. They entered the brothel and searched the rooms. After a while, the team found the girls hidden behind a large poster.

The girls are presently at a government shelter home awaiting the results of their medical verification test. The brothel keepers are in jail and have filed a bail application for which the court heard their statement on 6th May 2017.

*Names changed to protect identity


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