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Search, Search and Rescue

On January 10th, our investigators saw Simi in a red light area in Wani. She appeared to be younger than 18, so they presented evidence and asked the police to rescue her. However, the information was leaked from the police station and Simi disappeared before the raid could happen.

Towards the end of January, our team received a lead that Simi was in Nagpur, roughly 8o miles from her original location. After confirming her location, we visited the local Crime Branch. The police officers understood that the brothel keepers might move Simi again and planned a rescue operation for the next day.

February 3rd at 5:30 pm

The police and Freedom Firm team went to Simi’s last known location – a residential apartment running as a brothel. The police knocked on the door and a 41 year old man answered – it was the brothel keeper. Simi, a customer and the brothel keeper’s wife were all in the apartment.

Simi seemed exhausted after the rescue
Simi seemed exhausted after the rescue

February 3rd, approximately 7:00PM

After collecting all the evidence, the police escorted everyone to the police station to write and file the First Information Report. Simi gave her 161 statement to outline the crime she endured. This statement verified her need to be placed in a government shelter home for her protection. Accompanied by our social worker, Simi received a medical exam and was placed in a shelter home.

February 4th at 1:30 am

All of the paperwork and legal formalities were completed. The brothel keeper and his wife were arrested and spent the night in a cell at the police station.

The morning of February 4th

Our team brought Simi to the local court so she could record her 164 statement. This statement records the suspect’s names and captures a more thorough account of a victim’s experience.

We also met the police inspector at the police station to share that the suspects were involved in a previous case of PITA (Prevention of Immoral Trafficking). This discovery helped strengthen our case against the brothel keepers. During a subsequent visit to court, we learned that the accused were denied bail and remain in jail.

February 8th

Simi’s medical reports came back and revealed she is between 14 to 16 years old.

Freedom Firm social workers with Simi during the medical exam
Freedom Firm social workers with Simi during the medical exam

Moving Forward

Once we receive the final medical report, we will approach the Child Welfare Committee to apply for permission to begin our restoration program with Simi. She is currently staying in a shelter home where our social workers already lead life skills sessions. Our legal team will monitor the case closely to ensure that Simi’s perpetrators are punished.


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