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Rini's Future Protected

Rini was part of a rescue of 7 girls from a "bar" outside Nagpur on August 23rd, 2022. See more about her rescue story here.

We have gotten to know Rini more since her rescue. We learned that her family was very poor. Her mother died two years ago and, without any explanation, her father left the house and vanished, even though he had a minor daughter to look after. Rini went to live with a friend. Since she didn't have any money or anyone looking after her, was lured into prostitution. Since she was rescued, she has been living in a shelter home in Nagpur. Our social workers and the counsellor share that Rini is smart; she has a good aptitude for studies and is able to understand English words and phrases.

A few weeks ago, Rini's father returned out of the blue and filed for custody of his daughter. He wasn't able to show any proof that he had a job or that he would be able to povide a good home and take care of his daughter, but he wanted custody of her. Ever since we leared that Rini's father filed for custody for Rini, we engaged a lawyer to support her case and best interests. Today Rini's custody application was rejected in court. Rini will stay on in the shelter home and focus on her studies. Program Associate Asha shares, "So relieved to know that Rini will remain safe in the shelter home and contine be a part of the rehabilitation program. The JMFC Court (Court of Judicial Magistrate First Class) has passed a good decision; a one year detention in the shelter home. Rini likes to study and we will soon help enroll her in X standard. (The equivalent of US high school sophomore.)"


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