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Rekha's Rescue

Rekha was rescued by Freedom Firm and local police in Muzzafarpur, Bihar. Three months ago, she was trafficked by Roshan, who promised to marry her but instead sold her to the red-light area.

A Freedom Firm director (left) sits with Rekha

(right) after her rescue on December 18th.

Roshan (in the orange leather jacket) was sent to jail.

At the police station, Roshan claimed that he and Rekha were married and produced forged documents as "proof." Rekha denied signing any marriage document. We later learned that Roshan is already married and has a child.

Two brothel keepers and an agent were also arrested (above)

The local press showed up in the crowded police station to capture the story and photos.

Will you fund more rescues and free more girls like Rekha in 2021?

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