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Healing from the Past

Jansi survivor of sex trafficking India Freedom Firm
Jansi shares vulnerably

Jansi was rescued almost a year ago, and on October 6th, our social workers Asha and Rupeli visited with her at her home in Maharashtra. Jansi appeared withdrawn, and unhappy. Asha invited her to share what was on her heart, and Jansi broke down in tears as she shared. She expressed a lot of hurt, and shame, and Asha and Rupeli took turns to reassure her that she could find healing and continue taking steps towards a better future. Jansi seemed encouraged, and shared her desire to do something with her life. 


Then she showed Asha and Rupeli her vegetable garden and prepared chai for everyone. We admire Jansi’s resilience to press on through the suffering and trauma she has endured.

Jansi survivor of sex trafficking Freedom Firm India, USA
Jansi prepares chai for everyone


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