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First Time Student at 11 Years Old

11 year old Shilu was rescued from a brothel in Dhodar Village in MP on 24th February 2022. For the last few months, Shilu was living in a shelter home in Ratlam and then was moved to a shelter home in Gujarat. From the time of her rescue, Shilu expressed an interest to study. Mind you, this child has never gone to school and doesn't know how to read and write but wanted so badly to learn. She shared this when Nitendri (FF social worker) visited her in Gujarat in May. Nitendri immediately met the District Child Protection Officer in Gujarat and shared that Shilu wanted to study but did not have any documentation or had ever gone to school before.

Thankful Shilu Gives a Hug at School

Today social worker Nitendri went to meet Shilu at her school in Gujarat, just four days ago Shilu started school. She along with other girls who have never set foot in a classroom are part of an class where they will start with the foundation; reading, writing, and the basics of different subjects. Shilu is so excited about her new friends, the uniform she has to wear every day, and that she will finally learn how to read and write. Nitendri gave her a gift and a big hug. Nitendri met the principal of the school and the class teacher to talk about Shilu. After that she went to the shelter home and met the chairperson and a few of the shelter home members. Not stopping there, Nitendri went for another meeting, this time with a member of the legislative assembly in Gujarat, the district child protection officer, and the chairperson of the child welfare committee. The purpose - to get Shilu’s official documentation made – currently, there is no record of her birth or of her existence for that matter.

It was an exciting day for sure, to see young Shilu’s doing what little girls her age are supposed to do, go to school, make friends and be carefree. It does take an entire village to raise a child doesn't it?

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