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A New Chapter for Rekha

Rekha was rescued in December of 2020. You can read Rekha’s rescue story at

This evening, Rekha and her eight-month-old daughter boarded a train with Freedom Firm social workers, Anjana and Sarita. They passed the time by playing Ludo (parcheesi) on their way to a shelter home where Anjana connected Rekha with a job.

The next morning, everyone arrived at the shelter home. Rekha got so overwhelmed, she wiped tears from her eyes. She couldn't believe that she would be working there as a caregiver! Anjana introduced her to all the residents and said that she would be taking care of them. The girls responded with applause! After talking briefly with the girls, Rekha, Anjana and Sarita met with the superintendent of the shelter home. The superintendent told Rekha she would receive training for her new responsibilities and to reach out if she needed anything.

We are so happy for Rekha and her daughter. They are both safe. They have a place to live and food to eat. Rekha will earn an income, receive training, and make a difference in the lives of other people. What a beautiful new chapter in Rekha's restoration journey!


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