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A Happy Home

Anju was kidnapped when she was only 8 years old. She was moved from brothel to brothel, city to city until Freedom Firm rescued her on March 12th, 2021.

You can read her whole rescue story here. After some time to heal and recover in the shelter home, Anju retuned home to her family at the end of August.

Anju reunited with her family
Anju (yellow) reunited with her family

On November 16th, social workers Shilpa and Neetu visited 15 year old Anju at her home in Madhya Pradesh. Anju was outside her home washing dishes. When she first saw the social workers approaching her home, a huge smile came across her face and she ran to give Shilpa a hug. They all went inside and sat down.

Our social workers feel honored to connect with Anju ad her family
Our social workers feel honored to connect with Anju and her family

Anju comforts her father
Anju comforts her father

Shilpa asked them what they were all feeling. Everyone, Anju's mother, father, younger sister and brother, shared they have no words to describe their happiness to have Anju home after so many years.

They haven't told anyone that she was forced into prostitution but instead share that Anju was in an orphanage during her missing years. Anju's mother is teaching her to cook. The family can't stop pampering her.

Anju's father still gets emotional every time he thinks about what both his daughters have been through.

Read about Anju's Day In Court Here.


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