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Unsafe at Home

The following “re-rescue” occurred during a home visit in West Bengal. Two

Freedom Firm Social Workers were meeting rescued girls for a number of reasons,

one of those being to inquire about their safety. This is an excerpt from a Freedom Firm

social worker’s “Aftercare Report” after visiting Shradi*:

“Shradi’s father took us to where Shradi was, i.e., her ‘husband's’ house. When Shradi saw us she burst into tears. She told us that she was forced to marry Ajoy. I asked her if she wanted to come away, she said ‘yes’ and had all her belongings packed in two plastic bags. Shradi told me that her ‘husband’ raped her and beat her every day.

There was total commotion in the neighborhood. The constable and I questioned the neighbors as to how they could have allowed a small girl to get married without reporting the matter. The man’s mother was yelling abuses and shouting at all of us. I told the police to take Shradi, the father, and the man Ajoy to the police station. Ajoy’s sister, Seema Shirpi Lali, seems to have planned the re-trafficking of Shradi by getting her married to Ajoy. According to Shradi, Lali is a prostitute in Kanchi Tamang’s brothel and also dances in dance bars.”

Shradi is now in a government home in Maharashtra and is doing very well. The same Kanchi Tamang mentioned in this report was sentenced to seven years in prison on 30 April 2010.

*name changed to protect identity


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