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United in crime, divided in prison

Dina was rescued on October 22nd from a brothel in Etah, Uttar Pradesh. The youngest of 3 sisters, Dina seems to be 16 or 17 year old. Freedom Firm staff should receive her age verification report from the hospital soon.

Dina is from a remote village called Assam. She came to Delhi for a housekeeping job, but was trafficked and sold to a brothel. The police arrested the traffickers -- a husband and wife team! Seema, the brothel keeper, managed to escape but the police apprehended her five days later.

Right now, Dina is at a short stay home waiting to transition to a rescue home in Kanpur. Her journey toward healing may be long, but she is free! Your support brings rescue and justice to girls like Dina.

Consider donating today to help rescue more girls.


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