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Tricked by "Marriage"

Hanifa shortly after she was rescued
Hanifa shortly after she was rescued

In August 2021, Hanifa eloped with Fayed. Only 16 years old, Hanifa thought she was madly in love and moved with Fayed from Bangladesh to Gujarat, a state on the western coast of India. Hanifa did not know that Fayed was a notorious trafficker. He had trafficked many other girls, pretending to marry them and then selling them off to brothels after arriving in India.

Hanifa made a distress call to her family during the 2nd week of April. Her family filed a trafficking case in Bangladesh and a NGO got involved. The NGO contacted Freedom Firm, and we shared Hanifa’s information with local police. The police immediately sprung into action and were able to track Fayed and Hanifa! Later that evening Hanifa was rescued and Fayed was arrested. In addition to the trafficking case filed against Fayed in Bangladesh, the police have also included rape and POCSO (Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences) in his case.

Hanifa’s medical reports reveal that she is pregnant. Our team will work hard to provide effective care for her.


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