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Trafficked by a Friend

Griya* was working at a garment factory that manufactured clothes for small children. Griya and the other girls she worked with stayed in a room at a distance to the factory. One day, the girls were given a holiday because someone important had died. Ashida, one of the girls who worked alongside Griya, told the girls that she was going to take them on a short holiday trip and they would be back before the factory opened again for work. Griya did not bother to tell her mother about her plans to go with Ashida since the trip would be a brief one. Griya, along with 3 other girls, trusted their friend and agreed to go with her.

Ashida sold all of the girls to different brothels. Griya ended up in a brothel run by Usha Tamang, who beat Griya when she refused to prostitute and kept all of Griya's earnings for herself.

After 5 months in the brothel, Griya was rescued on the 15th of September, 2009. She was shocked that her own friend had betrayed her to the awful experiences of the brothel. She was vocal about her concern for the other girls who were in different brothels and had not been rescued. The Freedom Firm social worker had to assure her that the utmost would be done to find her friends.

*name changed to protect identity


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