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Three Girls Rescued 70km from Delhi

Updated: May 4, 2022

Just after a raid

On Friday, 15th February, in the city of Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh (North India), the Superintendent of Police and Shakti Samuh, an NGO, asked  Freedom Firm to assist in a joint rescue operation.

After months of tip-offs, three girls – one minor (Shema), one borderline and one major, were rescued. In the police station after their rescue, we found out that they were all from the Bedia community that is known for forcing their girls into prostitution.

Two customers and a brothel keeper were arrested and have been charged under anti-trafficking laws. The house owner was also charged but is currently absconding. We hope she will be arrested by the police in the coming days.

An age verification test is being done today to confirm the ages of the girls. Freedom Firm social workers are at the homes of the girls to check if it is safe for them to return to their families.

Learn more about Shema HERE

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