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The Girl Who Launched Freedom Firm

Karishma was the first girl that Freedom Firm rescued from sex trafficking. An undercover investigator found her in a small room, being forced to do prostitution by her own grandmother. She was just 12-years-old. Freedom Firm went to the police with the information and asked them to conduct a raid. The police delayed for 8 days. When the raid was conducted, Karishma was gone, sold to another brothel. For the next six months, Freedom Firm operatives continued searching for her. A strong lead emerged when Karishma’s brother gave information that she was in a town three hours away from her grandmother's brothel.

This time the police cooperated and on May 6th, 2006, Karishma was found and rescued from a truck stop brothel. She was brought into the safe custody at the Government Home for Girls in Kolhapur.

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