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Suma and her family of 10 will not go hungry, Sarthala, Rajasthan.

Suma lives in Sarthala Village, Rajasthan. Freedom Firm rescued Suma from Meerut red-light area in 2019. Since our social worker Anjana was unable to reach her on her mobile number, she got in touch with the Kachola police station in Sarthala Village. She introduced herself and Freedom Firm and shared the urgency of reaching Suma to ensure she had food supplies and was safe during the Covid19 crisis. The inspector told her that he would get Suma’s number and pass it on. A few minutes later, the inspector called back and gave Anjana Suma’s father Ratan’s number.

On contacting him, Anjana learned that Suma and her mother were working in the fields while he tended to the livestock. Ratan explained the government had supplied them with 30 lbs of food which was not enough to feed his family of 10 for long. The nearest grocery store--which was only open for three hours during lockdown-- was a significant distance away. Not having a vehicle, he wasn’t able to make it on time before the store closed.

Once again, Anjana called the police and explained Suma’s family situation to him. The inspector said he would call the son of the head of Sarthala Village and ask him to take Suma’s father to a pre-determined location so he could collect the food supplies. The inspector left to go the grocer’s to pick up the supplies. When he reached the shop, Archana was able to speak to the grocer, get his bank details, and transfer the payment for the groceries for Suma and her family. Thanks to our donors, the police inspector, the village head’s son, and the grocer, Suma and her family will not go hungry during the lockdown.


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