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Rusham's story

When Rusham* was about 15 years old, her father married her to Jamir. Unfortunately, it soon became evident that Jamir was not a good man. The couple lived at Rusham's parents' house for nearly six months. After that, Jamir took Rusham to his own village. On reaching Jamir's home, Rusham found out that he was already a married man. His mother did not want Rusham to live with them and was angry with Jamir for bringing her.

Sagar, Jamir’s brother, suggested that they all travel from Bangladesh to Mumbai in India where they could find good jobs. Rusham agreed and they traveled to the border. An older woman was waiting for them with another girl. Both Rusham, and the girl she met at the border, were brought to Pune. Sagar took them to Pramila’s brothel.

During the first few days, Rusham was under the impression that her husband would be coming to collect her and she refused to prostitute. 10 days later she realized that she had been betrayed by her brother-in-law and her husband and that they weren't coming back. She was compelled to entertain customers.

Fortunately for her, within a month of being there, she was rescued. She lived in Nanapeth home for 3 months after rescue, until, along with 9 other Bangladeshi victims, she was taken back to Bangladesh. Though she was finally on her way home, the journey brought more trials and hardship for Rusham. All the Bengladeshi victims were abandoned at the Bangladesh-India border at night and told to find their own way home. The police on the other side arrested them and Rusham was in jail for 10 days until her father came and claimed her.

Today Rusham is happily married to a man named Alamgir. He knows everything about her past but has accepted her and loves her. He even encouraged and supported her coming to India to testify against her perpetrators.

Reshma testified against Pramila on the 30th of September 2011. She was courageous and confident. Everything went well and the session concluded within 3 hours. Rusham returned to Bangladesh on the 3rd of October 2011.

*name changed to protect identity


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