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Making Diyas

October 12th | Pune

Our team conducted a diya (small candle) making workshop for 23 survivors from a shelter home in Pune. Many survivors held a paint brush for the first time to transform the small clay diya into a work of art. Even though the brush trembled in their hands, they shared about feeling at peace while painting and they loved the end result.

Like the diyas, each girl is a beautiful, one of a kind masterpiece!

October 25th | Nagpur

The superintendent of a shelter home in Nagpur told our social workers that she wanted survivors to make diyas to sell at a Diwali (Festival of Lights) exhibition the first week of November. Social worker Shilpa bought all the materials and on October 25th, she taught 12 survivors how to make diyas. The girls are creative and innovative. In just one day, they made 113 diyas!


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