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Interview with survivor Rani, in Himachal Pradesh

Q: How is Covid-19 affecting you?

A: My two children and I are living with my in-laws in a village in Himachal Pradesh. My husband is held up in Pune (over 1000 miles away) with no work and is unable to support himself. He cannot send money for our survival. My mother in law lost her job as a maid after the lockdown. I am unable to even give a packet of biscuit to my two children. My father in law is incapable of doing any work due to his weak eyesight.

Q: What are your fears ?

A: I am worried about my husband as he is without work and has exhausted all his savings. How he would make his way back to the village, I can't imagine. Finding a job locally for him as well as for his mother post lockdown might be difficult.

Q: How long will the food supply that we gave you last?

A: The food you gave is a huge relief and we can last the month quite well. With uncertainty looming large, I wonder how I will feed my family in future.


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