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Grieving Dina's Death

With heavy hearts, we share that Dina passed away on July 8th. She was only 18 years old and is survived by her newborn son.

Dina on the day of her rescue

When Freedom Firm rescued Dina from a brothel on October 22, 2020, she was 2 months pregnant. After she was rescued, Dina returned home to live with her parents in Assam.

Dina's son was born in early May. Shortly after his birth she began experiencing complications. The COVID lockdown made it difficult to reach Dina, but Freedom Firm was able to send her provisions in June. After that, we were unable to reach her and are unsure why she blocked our number. A volunteer went to check up on Dina last week and discovered she had died.

Freedom Firm social worker Anjana was with Dina during and after her rescue. She traveled to Assam to drop Dina home and stayed in touch with her over the past few months.

Anjana shares:

"Dina's death broke me. It is a big loss for us. I spoke to her mother about the baby and she told me that Dina had told her not to give the baby away. But Dina's parents will not be able to care for the baby as her father is an alcoholic and they are not financially stable. I am looking for a shelter home in Assam that will care for Dina's child."

Freedom Firm has offered to financially provide for the baby and we ask that you keep Dina's parents, sisters and newborn son in your prayers. We are grateful Dina lived in freedom for the remainder of her pregnancy and that her baby was born in freedom.

You can find Dina's rescue story here

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Very sad news.

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