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Gayatri's story

Orphaned in childhood, Gayatri* and her sister lived with their grandmother. When she was still very young, Gayatri fell in love and planned to run away with her boyfriend. However, on the day she was supposed to elope with him, after leaving home and waiting a long time, she realized that he was not coming. During her wait, she was noticed by a man who approached her and appeared to be kind and sympathetic. Gayatri naively shared her story with him and the man, after listening to her, promised to look after like his own daughter. He proceeded to take and imprison her in a dark, closed room, where he tried to force her into prostituting. She protested and refused, only to be severely beaten. Somehow, she managed to escape through a window but was caught. The trafficker then repeatedly raped her until she agreed to prostitute.

When Gayatri was 16 years old, she was rescued during a raid done by the local police in Gondia. After rescue, she was brought to Karuna home, weak and unable to see very well.

Now, Gayatri is stronger and healthier, although she still suffers from poor eyesight and severe headaches. She is still in the process of overcoming the physical and emotional trauma she suffered. Gayatri continues to struggle with feelings of guilt and anger over her family circumstances as well as her poor choices, but she misses her grandmother and sister and hopes to be reunited with them. She also finds it difficult to adjust to the government home and to the other rescued girls.

She hopes to stay in a good aftercare home and continue with her studies after she is released from government care. Apart from learning tailoring, beauty parlor skills, and jewelry-making, she is also a part of the Ruhamah workshop and does her best to produce good work. She hopes to appear for her 10th standard examination if possible.

*name changed to protect identity


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