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Feeding 35 families in Wani, Maharashtra.

In Wani, 35 families from the red-light area are struggling to get food, medicines, and other essentials since they have no money. The women from the red-light area in Ganga Jamuna, Nagpur are faring better as a few organizations have stepped in to help them.

On the whole, because of the way the virus is spreading, people are being extremely cautious. The women who returned to their villages just before the lockdown was enforced are doing much better than the ones trapped in the brothel. The police are unable to provide any assistance as their priority is ensuring the lockdown is being followed. Freedom Firm investigators, social workers, and the liaison officer have been connecting with individuals and organizations so that we can collectively support these areas. There is a group of people who have been distributing a provisions kit which consists of flour, rice, sugar, edible oil, tea powder, and soap for bathing and washing.


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