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Trapped in "Happy Land" Resort

These 5 underage girls are now free!!

The name "Happy Land Park and Resorts" conjures up images of ferris wheels, cotton candy and bouncy castles. Located in Kolkata, India on the banks of the Hooghly River, it is actually a den of child prostitution.  On September 22nd, Freedom Firm and Justice Ventures International (JVI) worked together to rescue 13 young women trapped in sexual exploitation in this so called resort.

Preparing for Rescue

On September 9th, JVI asked Freedom Firm investigators to find out if there were minors in prostitution in Happy Land Park and Resorts. Later that day, the investigators went undercover and found Pooja, a 17 year old and 4 other minor girls who appeared to be 16 years old, at the location. The team met the Commissioner of Police at the end of the day, and submitted a written complaint. 

Freedom Firm and JVI  planned a joint rescue operation for September 22nd.

Location of the resort

September 22nd

The Freedom Firm team, together with a police unit, headed to the brothel.  While the decoy customer engaged Pooja in her room, the rescue team and accompanying police force surround the location. They secured the resort and rescued Pooja, 4 other minor girls, and 8 women!

8 women were also rescued from forced prostitution in the resort

Police officers arrested three women and three men from the resort office staff, including the resort manager.  Although the pimp and two resort co-owners escaped, the police secured the transaction money and now possess all the evidence needed to prove that minors were exploited.  The police put the resort staff in judicial custody and filed paperwork against them. 

Customers and resort staff will face charges with evidence like this trashcan full of condoms 

Freedom Firm social workers accompanied the girls to the police station and then to the shelter home.  Pooja and the other minor girls are now in a children’s home where they have a chance to recover and heal. Thank you for supporting Freedom Firm staff as they continue pursuing rescue, restoration and justice in the midst of coronavirus.

Each raid costs $4,000. Please donate today to help rescue more girls!


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