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Tragedies, trials and victories!

Update from Greg - Freedom Firm Communications

At the beginning of every year in Freedom Firm, we establish our goals for the year to come. In 2015 we hope to conduct 36 investigations that will result in at least 18 interventions across three regions of India (Pune region, Nagpur region and Uttar Pradesh). That means more than 18 girls will be rescued and set on a path to freedom, it means at least 18 traffickers will be arrested and set on a path to accountability. Each girl rescued and each trafficker arrested sets in motion a wide range of activity on the part of Freedom Firm social workers, liaison officers, advocates, and other supporting staff.

Our employment opportunity for rescued girls, Ruhamah Designs, will provide jobs to more than 25 young women in 2015. We will reach out to at least 8 government and private aftercare homes, build relationships, and establish trust with rescued women who are looking for their next step in life. We hope for a turnover of over INR 40,00,000 ($66,000). Hard-earned income that will give trafficking survivors a sense of dignity and purpose.

I am excited about the goals we have for 2015! I am aware that God has a plan for each of us and when we walk in His ways He can establish and exceed our highest goals and expectations. When I think of all that we hope to accomplish I also think of the people that make it possible through financial support. When I think of you I want to encourage you by communicating what is happening in India. I want our communication to inform, expose, sadden, and inspire. I want our communication to be honest and revealing, holding nothing back. To borrow the title of an old Clint Eastwood movie, it should contain “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” I want you to know when a girl is rescued … but also when she was not rescued. You should know when a trafficker is convicted … but also when they are acquitted, when a girl experiences a new measure of freedom and success … but also when she faces failure. Without knowing the challenges of fighting sex-trafficking your understanding will not be complete.

Finally, in Freedom Firm communications I don’t want to ask you for money too often. I invite you to explore our work so that you will be challenged to do something. When sexual slavery breaks our hearts and disturbs our minds, we are called to act. We are called to respond. I thank each of you who have prayed and given to Freedom Firm this last year. You have been a part of creating systemic change in India.

As Freedom Firm steps into 2015, we want more people to get involved. We want to share the tragedies, the trials, and the victories. I hope you will choose to walk with us on this journey.

Minor girls rescued, released too soon, and never found again.
Brothel keeper, Rupa Kalkhor, arrested.
Having fun at the Freedom Firm wilderness camp.


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