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Sunita's Story

Sunita's* brother Mokbul cared for her after her parents died a few years earlier. He enrolled her in school and she was doing well. Six months prior to being trafficked, Sunita had an argument with her brother and she decided to leave home and go to her cousin's house in Dhaka. While visiting her cousin, Sunita fell in love with a Hindu boy named Ratan. They eloped together and got married.

She stayed away from her brother's house for nearly 3 months after her marriage. Eventually, she returned to Mokbul's house, hoping that he would accept her and her new husband. Mokbul was furious. He beat Sunita and threatened to lodge a police complaint against Ratan, who was already married to another woman before marrying Sunita.

Sunita ran away again to Dhaka. Once there, she called one of her cousin-sister's husband, a man named Afzal, whom she knew would often send girls in search of work to India. Afzal promised her work on a construction site and asked to be ready on a particular date when he would come pick her up. Sunita, along with a couple of other girls and a few men, crossed the border from Bangladesh into India.

Afzal brought to Sunita to Mumbai and left her with a group of people who lived in a small house. She was there for two weeks during which time a man took her around to various brothels trying to sell her. Inexplicably, she was not accepted into any Mumbai brothels so the man took her to Pune where he placed her in a brothel and she was forced to prostitute.

After a month, Sunita was moved to a brothel owned by Kasturi Kamble, a cruel woman who beat Sunita savagely and forced her to take many customers. Sunita was hospitalized at one point and in terrible health when she was rescued.

During the raid on August 25th, 2010, Sunita was so afraid that the rescue team remembers her shaking with fear.

After rescue, Sunita trained to work in a beauty parlour and in 2012 was able to return home to her family.

*name changed to protect identity

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