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Bangladeshi Wife Beaten and Forced into Prostitution by Husband 

On April 22, we received information about Rufa, a Bangladeshi victim who was being physically abused and exploited by her husband in Surat, Gujarat. She was trafficked by a couple in 2021. 

Bangladeshi Wife Beaten and Forced into Prostitution by Husband 
Rufa after her rescue

On April 23, our team followed up on a few different leads in an effort to trace Rufa, but we were unable to determine her exact location. At 2 p.m., we received information about Rufa and her husband’s location, so our team immediately proceeded to the area. Neither Rufa nor her husband were there. We swept the entire area, and after two hours, we received a new lead about their location. We arrived at this new location and searched the entire area but did not find them. We also received information that Rufa would be moved to another state later that evening. 

Our team met the Inspector General of Police (IG) of Surat, who directed us to a Special Operation Group (SOG). We proceeded to the SOG office, where we spoke with the inspector. After collecting our intelligence, the SOG quickly put together a team to initiate a raid, and we proceeded to Rufa’s location together. The police and our team raided the room where Rufa and her husband were staying. 

The moment Rufa saw us, she cried and hugged our social workers. The police arrested Rufa’s husband. Rufa, her husband, and our team proceeded to the SOG office, where Rufa gave her statement. The SOG filed a complaint against Rufa’s husband as well as three of his associates. We requested that the SOG repatriate Rufa and asked them not to deport her back to Bangladesh. Rufa shared her documents with the SOG. Our team accompanied Rufa to her medical tests, and then she was placed in a shelter home where she remains safe. 


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