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Ruma's Story: Seven Years of Justice and Counting

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! - Amos 5:24

In the mountains where I live, we drink spring water, straight from the rock. Streams run underground, through earth, stone and chasm. They find a chink of air and burst out, pure, cold and clean, and rush down the mountainside to bring new life. It's a process that never stops.

In this world, justice isn't as inevitable as a mountain stream, but it carries the same potential. Justice requires action, choice and courage. Then the trickle of truth-telling and incremental victories eventually swells into a larger river of revolution in the courts, punishment of the perpetrators and transformation in the lives of each victim.

While convictions are our “holy grail,” they are extremely rare. In 2016 we celebrated the conviction of Bindhoo Khalkor, a ruthless trafficker that purchased, tortured and sold many children for sex, including thirteen year old Ruma.

Today, Ruma is married, has a young child and dreams of opening a beauty parlor in her home village. Freedom Firm continues in its fight for justice, and is petitioning the courts for financial compensation for Ruma.

Every perpetrator that is held accountable for his crime creates a deterrent to others who traffic in children. These streams of justice are changing the landscape of child trafficking.

The ongoing fight for justice requires us to work together. There are many ways you can help:


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