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Rekha's Brave Testimony

Rekha and her son the day she testified in court!
Rekha and her son the day she testified in court!

When she was 17 years old, we rescued Rekha from a brothel. Since the rescue in December 2020, Rekha has married and celebrated the birth of their first child! On March 29th, our social workers supported Rekha as she testified boldly in court. She shared the name of the man who sold her into the red light area as well as the brothel keeper who exploited her. The judge gave his opinion that Rekha should receive financial compensation! Three witness have shared their testimonies, but many more are still waiting to testify. It will take at least four more months before the judge passes a verdict. We continue to press for the accused to be convicted, sent to prison and fined to deter other traffickers and brothel keepers from abusing minors.

You can read Rekha's rescue story HERE.

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