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Priya, Enslaved at 5 Years Old

“I was sold when I was 5 years old because my parents could not afford to feed my sister and me. The woman who bought me… I don’t know how much she paid my mother. A few months later, the woman said, “We are going into the city…why don’t you get yourself dressed up nicely. When we arrived she took me into a nearby home, closed the door behind me, and walked away. Two men came inside the room and locked the door...

Afterwards, the men warned me that if I told anyone, they would find my family and murder them. I felt helpless. There were days they would tie me to a ceiling fan and beat me with a rubber pipe. Once they began to introduce me to their customers. I would be with around 10 customers by the time the afternoon came. One night there was a police raid.” Priya

Priya was rescued, and she began her journey toward restoration and healing as a result of the work of Freedom Firm. 

“Now I live at a safe home in Mumbai. I love it here… I have found joy like I never had before. I feel like I have everything I need in this place. Here, I am being given a formal high school education, and I began to read.” - Priya

“I see so many beautiful girls that are stuck in a place of helplessness. My prayer is that other girls will be rescued just like me.

As I become whole again, I want to help other girls become whole. This is my purpose.” My name is Priya… “Beloved.” - Priya

“Every time we rescue a girl, protect her and restore her to her village, she goes back, and she is a voice for other girls.” 

- Evan Henck, operative in Priya's rescue


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