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Pioneering Rescue and Aftercare in West Bengal

Taking new territory in the war against child sex-trafficking in completely wild, uneducated and relatively lawless towns and cities is as dangerous in India as it was 150 years ago in the Wild West of the United States. For Freedom Firm, Budge Budge is a pioneer frontier. Other anti-trafficking NGO’s have not paved the way with prior rescues. Police, judges, advocates, public prosecutors and government shelter staff are not familiar with rescuing minors and corruption is rife.

Budge Budge, West Bengal

Tanisi and Nadira, both 16 years old, were rescued on October 3rd in Budge Budge, a town about 20 kilometers away from Kolkata. A man and woman were arrested because of their involvement in the forced prostitution. Before being placed in the shelter home, the girls went to court and received preliminary medical attention, including a COVID test.

We are so grateful for the initial cooperation of the respective police forces to begin the fight against sex-trafficking in these new frontiers. Keeping Tanisi and Nadira in protective custody is a whole different matter and many battles lie ahead to keep them safe. For now, the girls are safe. Our staff will stay vigilant.

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Such important work -- very much appreciate your efforts!

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