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One Girl Leads to Another

2 victims rescued from Ganga Jamuna

2 victims after rescue

On April 16th, 2023 we received a lead about a minor being forced into prostitution in a brothel in Ganga Jamuna in Nagpur. When we went to verify the lead, she wasn’t there but her brothel keeper was. When we tried a little later in the day, we saw the victim but the brothel keeper was nowhere to be found.

After presenting the police with evidence, they agreed to conduct the rescue operation on April 18th.

Red light area in Ganga Jamuna

On the 18th when we reached the location, we learned that the local police had come earlier that day, raided a few brothels, arrested one brothel keeper and took some young girls to the police station. The whole area was on high alert. The victim and brothel keeper we were tracking had vanished. While the team was contemplating what to do as the brothel was now guarded, we saw a minor that we had been tracking a few weeks ago and who, like the current victim we were tracking, disappeared. Not wanting to lose her for the second time, we immediately called the Deputy Commissioner of Police and told him about the suspected minor and to send a team for rescue.

He agreed. We waited for a few hours for Ganga Jamuna to go from high alert to normal. At 7 pm, the police and our team raided the brothel. The police barged into the brothel and found the victim and rescued her. We found another victim in another room and she was rescued as well. The police arrested the brothel keeper. After the police bagged all the evidence from the brothel and made their report, the victims, the accused and our team proceeded to the police station.

The victims provided their details and the police completed the First Information Report the following morning, on April 19th.

Brothel Keeper


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