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My Cell Phone Camera Makes Investigation Easier

Investigator: How much are you asking for an engagement?

Victim: Rs. 200 ($3). Please come inside. Please give me the money.

(Investigator goes inside the brothel and gives the money to the girl)

Victim: Give me some more. I'll fully satisfy you.

Investigator: But outside you told me Rs. 200. Why are you asking for more. Now all I have is some change to travel back home.

Victim: Please give me tips. I know you have kept all your money with your friend and have only a little money with you, so give me whatever you have, I'll satisfy you.

(She takes all the money, around Rs. 400 ($6) from the investigator. After that she tries to remove her clothes)

Investigator: Please don't remove your clothes. Wait for some time. Now, I'm not going to have sex. I'm a little bit scared.

Victim: Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you sweetheart. Investigator: How can you say that? Outside so many cops are there. Victim: Don’t worry, they will not come here. Just relax. Please show me your phone. (The investigator gives his phone to her. She takes pictures of the investigator on the phone.) Investigator: Please show me the pictures. Wow you clicked nice pictures. Can I take some pictures of you? You really look so beautiful. If I take your picture on this phone, you’ll see how beautiful you are. This camera has full high definition vision and its flash also works. Victim: Okay, let me comb my hair and give me your glasses, with that I’ll look sweeter. Investigator: Oh really! You are looking so sweet, okay now give me a pose and I’ll click a picture. (She poses) Victim: Why you don’t do sex? Investigator: I did not come here for sex. I don’t like to do sex after paying money. I like to sit and talk. I enjoy that only, like how I am enjoying with you now. Victim: Oh, I also like the same. Now please can you give me some more money? I really need some more. Investigator: Now I don’t have, but I’ll surely return to you today with lots of money. Victim: Are you sure? You are telling lies. Why will you come again to see me? Investigator: Definitely I’ll come back to you dear. I like to spend time with you.

Freedom Firm’s intervention team joined local police that day to rescue 15 year old Rina*. Two brothel keepers were also arrested. Rina is now in a shelter home where she will begin her journey to restoration.

*Name changed to protect identity


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