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Mass Raid in Nagpur

Usually Freedom Firm staff ask the police  for help to rescue a girl. However on a few occasions the police call Freedom Firm instead and ask us for help. On Tuesday (21-03-2016) the ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) called Freedom Firm and asked for our help to rescue many girls. The Freedom Firm team rushed to the police station to help them with the proceedings.

After planning, 0ur team along with 55 to 60 police reached Ganga Jamuna, the red-light area in Nagpur. Our liaison officer led the teams into the area, police first surrounded every exit and entry portal to make sure that no one could escape and started searching every single brothel in the area.

After searching the entire red-light area the police removed 91 – 95 women among whom three were minors and were able to take 48-50 customers into custody. A strong FIR was filed against the accused.

Here is the link to an article about the rescue:


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