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Little Preeti, Freedom Firm's youngest rescue

Preeti* was from the Bedia community and sold into the trade by her mother and aunt. When our investigators first saw Preeti, she was petite and slim. She had the typical undeveloped body of an 11 year old. When they saw her next, she had gained a few inches on her chest and hips, indicating that her body had been pumped with growth-inducing hormones. This 11-year-old was made to look like she was 16. Her aunt is well known in the red light area in Ganga Jamuna in Nagpur and is responsible for trafficking many young girls into the trade.

After Preeti's rescue, she was placed in a shelter home in Nagpur. Her aunt tried to secure custody of her with fake documents stating that she was her mother. Our social workers intervened and she was denied custody of Preeti. Preeti is learning how to make jewelry so that once she leaves the home, she will be able to find skilled work.


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