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Lata uses her Freedom to Help Rescue a Six-Year-Old!

Our team first rescued Lata in March, but her parents received custody of her, despite the authorities knowing that her parents were responsible for trafficking her. Shortly after Lata returned to her parents, they re-trafficked her.

For several weeks we searched for Lata, and on August 17th, at 4:45 p.m., our team and the police rescued her for the second time in Rajasthan. The police arrested a female brothel keeper, and Lata was placed in a shelter home.

Shortly after her rescue, Lata told us about a 6 year old girl who was being groomed for prostitution near the brothel where she was held. Thanks to Lata's intel, our team was able to rescue the child as well.

Lata's brothel keeper applied for bail in the Sessions Court, and was denied. This month, we received news that the High Court in Jaipur also denied bail to Lata's brothel keeper. We hope the brothel keeper will remain behind bars. We are relieved that Lata and the little girl and finally safe.


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