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Justice for Rekha

Justice in action! Survivor Rekha, who was rescued from a brothel in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, in December 2020, is celebrating justice granted. Two months ago we provided the public prosecutor from the sessions court in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, with Rekha's documents - proof that she was a minor when rescued, a copy of her testimony that was recorded in court and an appeal for rehabilitation support to live an independent life.

We are happy to share that the District Judge granted Rekha an interim compensation of Rs 50,000 (~$600). Once all procedures are complete, Rekha will receive an additional sum from the court, (between 2-3 lakhs; ~2,400 - 3,600 US dollars). Rekha is overwhelmed to know she will be receiving compensation and has decided to put a portion away for her daughter's welfare. She is now a19 year old mother and wife, and though she has been through a nightmarish experience, there is hope in her future.


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