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Horse and Rider: A journey towards freedom

In the year 2011, Freedom Firm partnered with Award- Winning Director Ben Stamper and musician Pete Hicks of Aradhna to create a unique narrative documentary “Horse and Rider”. Shot on location in India, it captures the incredible work of Freedom Firm, and highlights two powerful stories of young women on a journey towards freedom.

“Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean.”

This ancient Tamil proverb serves as the foundation of this film and separates it from other films about trafficking. “Horse and Rider” looks beyond trafficking as an overwhelming or unknown “issue”, to tell a story about real human beings that are overcoming the tragedy of trafficking and rebuilding their lives.

The filming process was sensitively and strategically planned to be healthy for all involved. Two young women in the Ooty Residential Aftercare program volunteered to share

their stories in the film to help other women who have been through similar abuses.

The result is something of sheer beauty. In “Horse and Rider” Ben Stamper captures the complex work of Freedom Firm, the diversity of India, and the unrelenting hope and strength

found in the survivors of trafficking. This film is something that truly must be experienced.

Watch the official trailer here:


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