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Grishma: Waiting to be Rescued

Day One On January 29th, our investigators tracked Grishma, a 16-year-old girl in the red-light area in Agra. During the 20 minutes they spent surveying the red-light area they spotted her twice. They watched the brothel keeper keep her close, inside the brothel instead of forcing her to stand outside and solicit customers directly. This was more proof that Grishma was minor and new to the trade.  

Day Two On the 30th, our team contacted the Senior Superintendent of Police, SSP, to present evidence and request the police to rescue Grishma. To our dismay, the SSP was at an important meeting. The team then called the Additional Director General of Police to share the information but he too was not available.

In the afternoon they called the Superintendent of Police and told him about Grishma.  He wasn’t able to do anything as he was busy. We knew that without police cooperation Grishma wouldn’t be rescued that day. In one last attempt to rescue Grishma, our team met the Circle Officer and asked him to conduct the raid. He refused, saying he would have liked to head the rescue operation, but he couldn’t unless he got approval from his superiors. 

Day Three The next day, January 31st, Freedom Firm’s team once again contacted the four officials. However, they were still not available to rescue Grishma. At 4.00 pm, after a whole day of waiting for a police team to cooperate, our team once again tried calling the Superintendent of Police. This time, he agreed to meet the team the following day at 12.30 pm.

Day Four On the 1st of February, our team located Grishma again in the red-light area and alerted the Superintendent of Police at 12.30 pm. He agreed to raid the brothel if the Rescue Officer and the Circle Officer would help. The Rescue Officer wasn’t available, but the Circle Officer was. Claiming the rescue was impossible without both men, the Superintendent of Police refused to rescue Grishma.  

Meanwhile, the brothel keeper continues to sell Garishma to customers night after night.  Our team will keep vigilant, tracking her location, and urging the police to rescue her, sooner rather than later.  We won’t give up.  


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