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Nagpur Police Initiate Raids, Freedom Firm Follows Up

For the last 11 years, Freedom Firm initiated investigations in Nagpur and then asked the police to raid the brothels and rescue the victims. Today, police are initiating raids and rescues on their own. Leah Henck, Freedom Firm USA President says,

“This is the way it should be. The police initiated the raid on their own, rescued girls and filed a criminal report. After long years of work, we are starting to see rusty wheels move on their own!”

On May 18th, the police rescued Suchi (15 years old), Tanvi (16), Pallavi (17) and Vaani (22)!

The police searched brothels again on May 20th and rescued a 5th victim, Vinu (20 years old). Police arrested a total of 3 brothel keepers and filed criminal complaints against them.

The Freedom Firm team headed down to the police station to offer assistance with the post raid follow-up. Asha, Nagpur’s Regional Director shared about Freedom Firm's work with the police and offered to help. The police handed the responsibility of all the post-raid follow up to Freedom Firm staff.

Freedom Firm's legal team will be in touch with the public prosecutor to advocate on behalf of the victims as legal proceedings develop. Freedom Firm social workers will travel to the victims’ homes and thoroughly interview their families and neighbors to learn as much as possible about how each girl was trafficked and whether their homes are safe or not. They will submit their findings in reports to the police and the Child Welfare Committee.

Our social workers will counsel the girls and make sure they can attend the life skill classes to empower them once they are released from the shelter home.

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