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First Rescue in Odisha

Late last night (March 13th, 2023) the Kolkota team spearheaded Freedom Firm's first rescue in the state of Odisha. 23 year old trafficked Bangladeshi victim, Susheela was rescued by the police and our team.

Room in the Odisha brothel

In January 2023, we received a lead from a partner organization in Bangladesh about Susheela who was trafficked to India. We shared the information with local police who conducted their own internal investigation. They discovered she was recently moved to Odisha. With this new intel, our team travelled to Odisha to continue the investigation. We located Susheela on March 13th and shared the information with the police who initiated a raid. Susheela has been placed in a one stop centre in Odisha. The police arrested one trafficker are are on the lookout for other persons who may be involved.

Social Worker and victim at medical appt.

Police, social worker and victim during raid

Man arrested for trafficking


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