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Day 7 - Saavi

Saavi* was a student at Lovely Lotus School. One day, Saavi and her classmates went on school trip that included a walk and a picnic. Along the way, Saavi stopped to remove a thorn from her leg and was left behind by the group. She remembers someone gagging her with a handkerchief from behind and everything became a blur. A man and woman called Piya were taking her somewhere. She tried to run away when she had the chance but was beaten, handcuffed and gagged again. Saavi was taken to the Bangladesh-India border in a boat. The traffickers gave two men in uniform some money and they were allowed to pass through. They walked through a wooded area until they came to a road and caught a taxi to the train station. While they waited for their train, the traffickers held a small knife to Saavi's back and threatened to kill her if she tried to alert anyone to her situation.

Saavi remembers being drowsy for most of the journey--she was probably drugged--and was very scared. When they reached Pune, a lady met them at the station and handed Saavi's traffickers a thick wad of cash. Saavi's buyer took her to the brothel where she was beaten severely for crying and yelling. She told the brothel keeper that if they released her to her parents, her family would pay whatever was required.

Saavi still bears marks on her body from the beatings.

Saavi was rescued on September 15th, 2009. She had been in the brothel for over a month and a half. On the raid, Saavi was shivering and stammering with fear. She was terrified when she saw the police and kept repeating that she would be beaten. The social worker had to assure her of her safety. Saavi is extremely traumatized by what she has been through and even the slightest sound and touch frightens her. She will need intensive care and counseling.

*name changed to protect identity


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