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Day 24 - Vinita

Vinita* was rescued in the first week of January 2014, the same day that Freedom Firm had their 100th successful raid. She had no idea where her parents were. Despite being abandoned by her mother, Vinita was desperate to find her.

Before she was sold into the commercial sex-trade, 9-year-old Vinita was forced by a leader in her town to have sex with many men. She was made to do this for two years and was introduced as a virgin to every man she served.

When she reached puberty at 12-years-old, she was brought to Nagpur. Vinita remembers entertaining 15 to 20 men every day. She received food once a day and had to serve customers even during her menstrual cycle. At one point, she tried to run away with a client but was caught and locked up for 10 days.

Vinita was rescued and placed at Karuna home, where she engages well during her group and individual counselling sessions. She is well-behaved and manages to have a positive attitude despite the horrors of her past. She understands the need for vocational training and is showing an interest in tailoring and crafts.

*name changed to protect identity


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