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Day 16 - Fosina

A few months after their marriage, Fosina's* husband, Sidhik, sold her to a couple in northeastern India and she was forced into prostitution. One year later, Sidhik went to Fosina's brothel to take her back. She thought he genuinely cared for her and was glad to be with him again. After another few months of living together, he re-trafficked her to Pune.

Fosina is Sidhik’s second wife. On the day he trafficked Fosina for the second time he asked her to pack her bag and said that he was taking her to his family in Tezpur. On reaching the train station, a couple and a young girl met them and they travelled together on the train as a group. When they arrived in Pune and disembarked, Sidhik left the group to look for something to eat. After waiting for his return for some time, the couple convinced Fosina that they should go ahead and her husband would follow them later.

After a three hour drive, Fosina and the other girl were taken to a brothel and left there. The other girl gave in to the brothel keeper's demands, but Fosina resisted and cried, asking to be sent back to her husband. She was kept there for two days. All the while she continued weeping. The brothel keeper finally got fed up. Maybe she was scared that Fosina's behavior might cause unwanted attention from the police or the customers. Early the next morning, Fosina was taken to a bus stand and abandoned.

An auto driver saw Fosina alone at the bus stand and brought her to the police station. The police took her to Pune Home for Girls. At that time, she was about 15-years-old.

Fosina was restored home when her mother came and picked her up in Pune.


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