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Camaraderie and Curiosity Save Salma

Salma and her youngest son (3 years old) were trafficked to India from Bangladesh in early April. After luring Salma with a job offer, the trafficker separated her from her son and forced her into prostitution. He manipulated her by saying she could have her son back and return to Bangladesh if she paid him money.

Freedom Firm heard about Salma from a partner organization in Bangladesh and provided information so the local police in Palgarh, Maharashtra could rescue Salma and her son on June 1st.

"With the help of Freedom Firm, an anti-sex trafficking NGO in India, police found out the complete details."

- Anurag Kamble, Mid-Day

Salma is now reunited with her son and they are in a shelter home where Freedom Firm staff will care for them. A local newspaper shared about Freedom Firm's involvement with Salma's rescue.


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