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A Mother Under Investigation

Gathering information from neighbors and relatives
Gathering information from neighbors and relatives

Last week, social workers Archana and Neetu travelled to remote villages to visit the families of three victims rescued on November 14th. Kani (12 years) and Kavi (15 years) are sisters, and their mother is accused of trafficking both of her daughters. They also visited the home of Anya (15 years) who was rescued during the same raid as Kani and Kavi.

As part of the Home Investigation Report (HIR), the social workers interviewed relatives, friends and neighbors of the victims in attempts to uncover the truth about each of the trafficking stories. Archana and Neetu also visited the schools the girls had attended to check official documents with their birthdates and other important information. All of this work helps build a case against the accused and determine if the girls can return home safely.

School principal (in red) helps our social workers verifying birthdates from school records
The principal (in red) helps our social workers verify birthdates from school records

Our home investigation report will be presented to the shelter home and the Child Welfare Committee. Our hope is that the shelter home staff would not release the victims to their parents but keep them safe at the shelter home. In this protective environment, the girls will be guided through trauma counseling, join Life Skill sessions and learn vocational training.


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