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6 minors in Pune

Freedom Firm investigators had information about 2 girls in Pune, both minors. One was 16, and the other, just 14. The investigators started carrying out random searches to find the girls. Finally, when walking around the red-light district, they noticed a girl through an open door who looked about 14 or 15, and she was crying. Two men were negotiating a price for the girl while the brothel keeper was trying to convince the girl to prostitute herself willingly. She was refusing, but it didn't matter.

One of the investigators 'engaged' the girl for one hour to buy some time, while the other called the Crime Branch of Pune to report their findings. Within ten minutes, a team arrived and raided the brothel. A total of 6 minor girls who were being forced to prostitute were found. The traffickers tried to escape the brothel, but the police caught them. In all, a brothel keeper, two male traffickers, and a female trafficker were arrested. As the investigators were leaving, a mob of pimps, customers, and brothel keepers surrounded them, but the police were still close by and were able to escort everyone to safety.


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