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Victory in Battle: Freedom Firm's 11th Conviction!

It’s good news that the court has punished her.

-Minu, one of Parveen's victims

Today, we celebrate a victory in the fight to free children from sexual slavery. On March 16th, 2021 Freedom Firm won its 11th conviction against child trafficker and brothel keeper Parveen Sheikh.

Four years ago, Freedom Firm rescued 2 minor girls from a brothel in Wani, Maharashtra. We filed a criminal complaint against the brothel keeper, Parveen Sheikh. Five months later, on October 12th, 2017, Freedom Firm raided the brothel again, and rescued 4 more girls. Again we filed a complaint against Parveen. She escaped arrest both times. Today, she is behind bars without bail for two years and her brothel sealed and locked.

Shilpa and her husband

Where are the 6 rescued girls today? Minu is living with her family and working in their agricultural business. Shilpa is married and expecting her first child. We have not been able to trace Nazma. Piya was sent to her parents, who trafficked her again. Freedom Firm found and rescued her a second time, and she is safe now. Sugi and Chaya are repatriated and living at home in Bangladesh. The girls are free.

Asha, Regional Director of Nagpur shares her thoughts:

“This conviction to me is a victory and gives me hope for other cases in Wani, just as a light in the darkness. It will definitely lead to a great awareness and a change in the criminal network who traffic and exploit children for their own interests.”


Great news!

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